Puradyn Filter Technologies, Inc. Marketing PuraDYN® Oil Filtration Systems

Puradyn Filter Technologies’ systems constantly clean lubricating oil and refill base additives to maintain oil viscosity to safely and considerably extend oil change intervals and engine life. The Company designs, manufactures and markets puraDYN® Oil Filtration Systems, bypass oil filtration products available for internal combustion engines, transmissions and hydraulic applications.

In essence, the puraDYN® Oil Filtration System is a bypass oil filtering system for engines of all types, using any kind of fuel. Primary applications of Puradyn filtration systems are in oil and gas drilling, pipeline compressors, generators, frac pump units, marine engines, mining and construction vehicles, semi-trucks and buses and hydraulic systems.

The puraDYN® system is a high-efficiency multi-stage bypass filter. The design of it is to remove solid liquid and gaseous contaminants from engine or hydraulic oil before they can accrue and cause damage. The puraDYN® bypass oil filtration system doesn’t affect the engine’s oil flow or pressure. In addition, it doesn’t replace the conventional full-flow filter. It works together with it to augment micro-fine filtration.

The design of the puraDYN® filter element, utilized in combination with the manufacturer’s original equipment full flow filter, is to attain the fine filtration needed to remove solid contaminant to below one micron. The combination of the two types of filtration gives the maximum equipment protection.

The puraDYN® System works with lubrication, hydraulic, and gear box oils below 50 weight for all internal combustion engines and equipment regardless of fuels employed to power the engines.

Puradyn Filter Technologies’ solutions are patented and environmentally conscious. These solutions provide fast ROI (return on investment). This is through lessening oil consumption, maintenance, and overhaul costs and engine downtime, while additionally protecting high-value engine assets.

Puradyn Filter Technologies  announced in February 2016 that DistributionNOW is the distributor for Puradyn bypass oil filtration products in the oil and gas, downstream & industrial, as well as manufacturing services industries. The announcement comes after the earlier release of the Puradyn Millennium Technology System (MTS) with patented Polydry® technology for water removal.

Polydry® is a patented, advanced polymer technology manufactured into the MTS filter element. It removes water contamination beforehand removed by the evaporation chamber.

Mr. Kevin Kroger, Puradyn Filter Technologies’ President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), said earlier this year, “It is an honor to be associated with a reputable energy and industrial supplier such as DNOW. Their dedication to providing first class service and on-time delivery will ensure that contractors in the oil and gas industry using our bypass filtration systems will receive the best support, and we expect our joint customers will benefit from easy access to the technologies and service offered through DNOW.”

Moreover, in May of this year, Puradyn Filter Technologies announced that it had shipped orders to the Middle East totaling roughly $300,000 of puraDYN® bypass oil filtration systems to an international oil and gas industry contractor headquartered in the European Union (EU). This represents an additional order placed by this customer as part of continuing global implementation of the puraDYN System.