JA Solar Manufactures High-Performance Mono-Crystalline and Multi-Crystalline Solar Modules and Cells

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-performance solar power products. These products convert sunlight into electricity for residential, commercial, as well as utility-scale power generation. The Company’s dedication is to providing modules with premier conversion efficiency, yield efficiency, and reliability to empower customers to maximize the returns of their PV (Photovoltaics) projects.

JA Solar formed in May of 2005 and commenced commercial operations in April of 2006.  The Company has offices in Beijing and Shanghai, China. In addition, it has a network of offices across important markets, including its U.S. office in San Jose, California, its European office in Munich, Germany, and its Japan office in Tokyo, along with its South Africa office in Port Elizabeth, and offices in Penang, Malaysia, and Newcastle NSW, Australia.

JA Solar distributes products under its own brand and also produces products for its customers. The Company’s silicon wafer, cell and module production capacity has reached 2.0GW, 5.0GW and 5.5GW respectively. The Company sells its module products to solar project developers and EPCs and its cell products to solar module manufacturers.

JA Solar is the first company in the world that began mass production and commercializing PV-cells with selective diffusion technology and Passivated Emitter Rear Cells (PERC). Additionally, it is the first manufacturer to apply double-printing technology in all cell manufacturing lines.

JA Solar manufactures high-performance Mono-Crystalline and Multi-Crystalline solar modules and cells. These provide high efficiency and stable performance in photovoltaic conversion. Pertaining to solar modules, the Company offers the aforementioned mono-crystalline silicon modules, multi-crystalline silicon modules, and a module type for the U.S. market. These are all high efficiency crystalline silicon cells.

JA Solar produces its PERCIUM solar cell. The PERCIUM solar cell is the first P-TYPE solar cell in the industry that exceeds a conversion efficiency of 20 percent. PERCIUM modules incorporate cells utilizing the above-mentioned PERC technology. The Company’s PERC cells have delivered constant improvement in conversion efficiency over the past three years. PERCIUM modules feature better low-light performance, a lower temperature coefficient, lower light attenuation, as well as better PID resistance.

JA Solar Holdings has started mass production of high performance PV panels at its newest module manufacturing facility in Xingtai, Hebei province, China. The new manufacturing facility has a yearly capacity of 1.5 GW with fully automated assembly lines employing the most contemporary module manufacturing technologies. The facility can produce 60- and 72-cell modules mainly using JA Solar’s high-efficiency PERCIUM cells.

In June 2016, JA Solar announced that it provided 11MW of high-efficiency PV modules for a power project in the Red Sea region of Egypt. Developed by Masdar and funded by the government of Abu Dhabi, the power project is the largest PV-diesel hybrid power project in North Africa. The design of the project is to provide electricity for the tourism industry in the Red Sea area.

This project consists of four power plants with a combined capacity of 14MW. The project combines existing diesel generators with new PV modules. Upon completion, the expectation is that the project will provide electricity for 25,800 households and reduce CO2 emissions by 42,700 tons each year.