Bunge Limited’s Initiatives Start at the Farm and End at Consumers’ Tables

Bunge Limited is a top agribusiness and food company with its corporate headquarters in White Plains, New York. Its integrated businesses and activities start at the farm and end with the final consumer. The Company has integrated operations worldwide. It conducts its operations in five segments:

  1. Agribusiness
  2. Edible Oil Products
  3. Milling Products
  4. Sugar and Bioenergy
  5. Fertilizer

Bunge has extensive operations globally and approximately 35,000 employees. It originates oilseeds and grains from the world’s primary growing regions. It then transports them to customers around the world. In addition, it crushes oilseeds to make meal for the livestock industry and oil for the food processing, food service and biofuel industries.

Furthermore, the Company produces bottled oils, mayonnaise, margarines and other food products for consumers. Bunge also crushes sugarcane to make sugar, ethanol and electricity. It also mills wheat and corn for food processors, bakeries, brewers and other commercial customers.

Bunge moves millions of tons of agricultural commodities annually. For example, soybeans delivered by truck and river barge undergo processing at the Company’s plant in Decatur, Alabama, to make protein meal and vegetable oil. These are subsequently transported to customers by rail and road.

Additionally, Bunge sells fertilizer to farmers. It sells nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) fertilizers. These help farmers address nutrient deficiencies in the soil. Bunge’s fertilizers improve plants’ root production, leaf and stem growth, flowering and fruiting, and resistance to pests and disease.

Bunge Limited is working to improve its global reach via investments and strategic partnerships. The Company is making progress on its focus areas: Brazil and Europe foods; China crush, and U.S. grains. In 2015, Bunge had a record Earnings Before Interest & Tax (EBIT) performance in Agribusiness. Its Agribusiness volumes in Brazil increased by 4%. South America, is the Company’s largest region.

Bunge Limited established a joint venture in 2015 with the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co., and together invested in CWB and established Global Grain Group (G3), a Canadian export oriented grain company. Bunge has upgraded and also expanded existing port terminals in the Ukraine and the United States. Moreover, it has progressed on the building of oilseed processing plants in the Ukraine and Asia-Pacific.

Furthermore, Bunge has developed a wide-ranging worldwide logistics network for the transportation of its products. This includes trucks, railcars, river barges, as well as ocean freight vessels.

Regarding Food & Ingredients, most of Bunge’s recent investments have been in Milling. The Company has a new state-of-the-art mill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Company said that this mill, along with its Pacifico acquisition puts it in a strong position to compete as the Brazilian market stabilizes.

Recently, Bunge North America announced it reached a subscription agreement to invest in Grupo Minsa S.A.B. de C.V., a foremost corn flour producer, securing a controlling financial interest in this Company. The expectation is that this transaction will close in early 2017. Bunge North America is the North American operating arm of Bunge Limited. With this transaction, Bunge will take management control of four mills in Mexico and two mills in the U.S.

Bunge North America (St. Louis, Missouri) is a vertically integrated food and feed ingredient company. It supplies raw and processed agricultural commodities and specialized food ingredients to a broad array of customers in the animal feed, food processor, foodservice and bakery industries.

Bunge Agribusiness Singapore Pte Ltd., and Oleo-Fats, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of D&L Industries (DNL) (OFI), entered into distribution agreements for the foodservice, retail and food processor industries in the Asia-Pacific region. Bunge Agribusiness Singapore is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bunge Limited.

OFI will become Bunge’s exclusive commercial partner to import, market, sell and distribute packaged softseed oils into the Philippines. Bunge will become OFI’s exclusive commercial partner to export, market, sell and distribute coconut oil under its Farm Origin brand into nations in the Asia-Pacific region.