Ballard Power Systems Powering Ahead with Clean Energy Solutions

Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Ballard Power Systems engages in the development and commercialization of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells globally. Its corporate mission is to utilize its wide-ranging fuel cell and systems expertise to profitably deliver unique clean energy solutions to its customers. Ballard Power Systems also has its production facility in Burnaby, as well as its Systems Development Centre in Bend, Oregon, and an R&D and Service facility in Denmark.

The core of each Ballard Power Systems PEM fuel cell product consists of a stack of unit cells founded on the Company’s proprietary technology. Ballard’s fuel cell products deliver the necessary functionality at the right scale with optimum performance and low lifecycle costs.

The Company involves in the sale and service of Power Products and the delivery of Technology Solutions. Regarding Power Products (stationary systems, motive modules and fuel cell stacks) sales, Ballard’s emphasis is on meeting the power needs of its customers through delivering high value, high reliability, high quality and clean energy power products, which lessen customer costs and risks.

Pertaining to Technology Solutions (systems interface, testing services, test stations, product development, component manufacturing, licensing and technology transfer) the Company’s emphasis is on enabling its customers to solve their technical and business challenges and speed up their fuel cell programs through delivering customized, high value, bundled technology solutions.

Ballard Power Systems provides its fuel cell products for portable power, material handling, and telecom backup power applications, and power product markets of bus and tram applications.

Ballard has a milestone $168 million deal relating to the creation of a Joint Venture (JV) to set up a stack assembly line in China. It signed a deal with Guangdong Nation Synergy for the creation of a fuel cell stack production operation in the City of Yunfu in Guangdong Province.

The fuel cell stacks will be packaged in the locally assembled fuel cell engines founded on Ballard Power Systems’ design and integrated into zero emission buses and commercial vehicles in China. The deal represents the Company’s largest ever fuel cell contract.

This month, Ballard Power Systems announced the commissioning and deployment of 10 fuel cell-powered buses in the City of Yunfu, in the Province of Guangdong, China. The unveiling occurred at a ceremony held at the Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Park, Sinao Town, Yunfu City in Guangdong Province. This announcement follows September’s commissioning and deployment of an initial 12 fuel cell-powered buses in the District of Sanshui, in the City of Foshan.

This brings the total number of buses deployed since the initial tranche to 22. This is as part of the Chinese Government’s plan to address air quality in urban centers via zero tailpipe emission mass transit solutions. Ballard Power Systems announced in September that 300 fuel cell buses are presently planned to undergo deployment in the Cities of Foshan and Yunfu.

In Q2 2016, Ballard Power Systems had Revenue growth of 58% year-on-year. In addition, the Company’s Revenue growth in the first-half of 2016 increased 66% to $34 million.