“How Sweet It Is” for PureCircle Limited

PureCircle Limited is the world’s foremost producer of high-purity stevia ingredients. The Company has more than 40 patents. It produces its stevia ingredients for the international food and beverage industry. It has a growing family of 14 sweeteners and flavors.

PureCircle has offices globally, with its corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Company has its Sales & Marketing office in Oak Brook, Illinois. PureCircle was established in 2002. It was incorporated into PureCircle Limited in 2007.

The Company grows its stevia on various continents. It has the largest extraction facilities in the world. The Company has a purification plant in Malaysia and an extraction plant in China. It has farms in China, Kenya and Paraguay. Moreover, it has warehouses in Australia, China, Malaysia, Mexico, the United Kingdom (UK), and the U.S.

The stevia plant is naturally sweet. It is 200 to 350 times sweeter than sugar. It has no calories and stevia leaf extract is a sweetener and flavor enhancer. PureCircle’s vision is for lessening calories with a naturally sweet alternative. This is while not compromising on taste.

PureCircle employs vertical integration to discover taste inventions. This vertical integration is from plant breeding and harvesting through extraction and application. PureCircle has perfected natural breeding methods to maximize the best tasting parts of the stevia leaf.

The Company has its PureCircle Technical Services. A business can work together with the Company’s stevia experts. A business, with PureCircle’s assistance, can produce better taste profiles, deeper reductions, and improved performance. This is without compromising go-to market speed and product achievement.

PureCircle also has its PureCircle University. This is a practical, collaborative program. It provides comprehensive knowledge regarding working with stevia.

Regarding its Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Full Year results, PureCircle had revenue growth of 9%. Over five years, the Company’s compounded annual growth rate is more than 30%. It had margin improvement of essentially 10% in FY 2016. In addition, the Company’s Earnings per Share (EPS) improved considerably, by $0.06 per share.

The Company is building a new processing plant. It will double the Company’s capacity to produce its proprietary stevia leaf extract. This facility will have a line specifically designed and built for the Zeta Family ingredients. The Zeta ingredients consist of steviol glycosides, such as Reb M, with the most sugar-like taste, and permit the deepest calorie reductions.

Importantly, this new facility will help to support the Company’s fully integrated supply chain and agricultural plans globally. These plans include an additional investment of $100 million in the PureCircle Agronomy Program. This will result in a 10,000-hectare pipeline. This pipeline will provide customers with year-round access to the highest quality stevia leaf extract.

This week, PureCircle introduced Sigma-Beverage. This the Company’s most recent pioneering stevia ingredient. Its optimization is specifically for beverage formulations. Sigma-Beverage performs alike to sugar at deep calorie reductions. Therefore, formulators can create beverage solutions appealing to consumers. This is while lessening development time by 30% to 50%. Sigma-Beverage is the third category specific ingredient in its portfolio, along with Sigma-Tea and Sigma-Dairy.