Spiral Toys Has Its Mobile-Connected Entertainment Platform

Spiral Toys, Inc. concentrates on developing and marketing products and mobile applications in the mobile-connected space. The Company was established by a former Senior Executive of The Walt Disney Company (Disney) and Sony Corporation. Its mobile-connected entertainment platform connects physical items to today’s leading mobile devices by way of wireless technologies.

The Company sells its products globally. Furthermore, it acts as co-developer with major entertainment studios. Spiral Toys has its corporate headquarters in Agoura Hills, California.

Mr. Mark Meyers is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and President of the Company. Mr. Meyers is former Vice President of Interactive Studios at Disney. He developed and launched numerous key interactive franchises for Disney. He was also former Studio General Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment, and former Studio General Manager at Midway Games.

Spiral Toys collects revenue on the physical purchase of goods and the sale of digital content via Apple’s App Store and the Google Marketplace. The Company is developing additional applications founded on its platform technology for a number of different verticals within the entertainment industry.

Recently, Spiral Toys launched Wiggy™. This product combines an interactive Bluetooth-enabled piggybank with a user-friendly mobile app. Wiggy responds to commands from the app, keeping kids continuously engaged to stay on course with daily tasks or goals. Wiggy will speak, light-up, and shake when tasks are added, rewards are earned, and the balance is updated.

This product is the first Smart Piggybank to connect to its own Chore Application (App). In essence,  the Wiggy™ Card is real money. It functions as a digital wallet and prepaid debit card designed just for children. Additionally, it includes an alternative points system that’s user-friendly. This is for parents who would rather not use real currency.

Wiggy™ is an interactive toy. It is a learning tool that teaches children the importance of earning and saving money. Wiggy™ helps children learn financial literacy, gain responsibility. In addition, it helps them understand the benefits of work and cooperation.

With the Wiggy™ App, one sets goals or tasks and subsequently assigns values to each. Wiggy™ receives the tasks and notifies one’s child. Upon the completions of each task, a person transfers the reward to their child’s Wiggy Card promptly.

Spiral Toys engaged in strategic partnerships heading into the 2016 holiday season. This was to place Wiggy™ in particular online retail platforms, which would broaden the distribution opportunities in North America.

Spiral Toys also has its CloudPets™. This product enables one to exchange messages and share stories, lullabies, games, and songs with anyone, from anyplace. The delivery of this is via a soft plush toy.

The Company’s technology permits CloudPets™ to receive these features by way of mobile devices. This technology powers the CloudPets™ mobile apps. Moreover, it enables the addition of new features to make CloudPets™ do more.

Spiral Toys also has its Vinyl product. Vinyl combines stickers with digital communications. Every Vinyl sticker can be programmed with messages, photos, and videos. All a person requires is a pack of stickers and a Vinyl app on their phone.