Sigma Drilling Tech’s Focus Is the Pulsation Control Industry

Sigma Drilling Technologies (Sigma Drilling Tech) directs its efforts to the Pulsation Control industry and its emphasis is efficiency and performance. Through employing advanced innovation, the Company’s ground-breaking system takes gas charge dampeners and converts them into a performance-boosting maintenance free solution.

Sigma Drilling Tech’s dedication is to helping businesses maximize their production output and enhance equipment investment. The Company’s focus is on the Oil and Gas industry. Sigma works to create new, unique, state-of-the-art technologies for the ever-changing oil and gas industry. It has products engineered to advance drilling rig efficiencies. The Company has its corporate headquarters in Katy, Texas.

Sigma Drilling Tech has its Charge Free Conversion Kit™ (CFC Kit). The CFC Kit is compatible with almost all known gas charged pulsation dampeners presently in use in drilling applications. The patent pending system will convert a customer’s current gas charge dampener into a maintenance free style unit. It does so through using proprietary, closed-cell rubber technology.

The CFC Kit requires zero regular maintenance and provides considerable performance gains from existing equipment. It provides high performance across operation pressure bands; safer operations without the introduction of gas; and improved MWD signal detection.

In addition, the CFC Kit eliminates costly bladder failures and service calls; removes the requirement for pump skid re-designs; and saves customers’ bother, drilling time and cash. The CFC Kit enables a customer to upgrade their present hardware.

The CFC Kit consists of a number of components. These work together to alleviate the massive energy produced by contemporary mud pumps. The CFC Kit comprises the Suspension Bag. It installs in a customer’s existing 20-gallon gas charge pulsation dampener.

Inside the Suspension Bag is a series of layered and tuned Compression Discs precisely designed for a customer’s dampener’s operational pressure ranges. The combination of these components creates a maintenance free, highly efficient system.

Furthermore, Sigma Drilling Tech has its Acoustic Assassin™. This is an inline acoustic baffling system. The design of Acoustic Assassin™ is to lessen high frequency energy signatures produced from the operation of a reciprocating pump. The patent pending system enables smoother operations, less wear and tear on components, and more efficient operations.

Additionally, Acoustic Assassin™ decreases high frequency energies and employs flow through technology. Moreover, it detunes piping systems; has a multi-chamber customizable design, and is a quality addition to the Company’s CFC Kit. The CFC Kit easily installs in any industry standard 20-gallon discharge pulsation dampeners.

In essence, the Acoustic Assassin™ solves the operation problems customary to reciprocating pumping systems experiencing high frequency acoustic resonance. The Assassin™ produces a forced reordering of the acoustic signature (the high frequency energy waves) as the pumped media is thrust across the baffling system.

The Acoustic Assassin™ allows for a detuned system with enormous energy reduction. Upon the discharge, the pumped media has appreciably less energy. This allows for smoother operations with fewer untimely failures of components.

The Acoustic Assassin works on pumping systems 10,000 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) and higher. It can undergo customization to any pumping system or arrangement. Overall, a combination of Sigma Drilling Tech’s Acoustic Assassin™ and the CFC Kit will produce quiet media going to the production line and downhole.