Trio-Tech International Provides Semiconductor Testing and Burn-In Services

Incorporated in 1958 in the U.S.A, Trio-Tech International is a foremost provider of semiconductor testing and burn-in services. In 1976, Trio-Tech setup its first burn-in lab in Singapore. During fiscal year 2016, Trio-Tech operated its business in four segments: manufacturing, testing services, distribution, and real estate. Trio-Tech International has its corporate headquarters in Van Nuys, California.

The Company serves the semiconductor and avionics industries, as well as the defense sectors, the medical industry, research institutes, and OEM/ODM manufacturers. Trio-Tech’s businesses include Universal (Far East) Pte Ltd. Trio-Tech International operates in the U.S.A, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.

Trio-Tech operates six testing services facilities. One is in the U.S. and five are in Southeast Asia. Moreover, it operates two manufacturing facilities. One is in the U.S. and the other is in Southeast Asia. In addition, the Company has a subsidiary (Trio-Tech Chongqing) in Chongqing, southwest China that produces income from real estate investments. This is a 100 percent owned subsidiary formed in 2007. Trio Tech Chongqing has had several profitable residential and commercial projects with strategic partners in the People’s Republic of China.

Trio-Tech International’s testing products and services include Burn-In & Related Services; Burn-In Equipment & Boards; Wet Benches; and Components. testing products and services also include Reliability/Mechanical/Environmental Test Equipment; Mechanical/Environmental Test Services; and Equipment Servicing & After Sales Support Service.

The Company’s Universal (Far East) Pte Ltd subsidiary is a one-stop service provider of test and process equipment to the electrical, electronics, semiconductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Universal (Far East) provides equipment, testing and manufacturing solutions in different engineering, test, process and production applications. Its field service team provides auxiliary services. These services include preventive maintenance and calibration for temperature, humidity, and pressurization equipment.

Trio-Tech International’s major customers are clustered in Southeast Asia. These customers are either semiconductor chip manufacturers or testing facilities, which buy testing equipment. The Company’s distribution division and real estate division operate mainly in Southeast Asia. Trio-Tech manufactures front-end and back-end semiconductor test equipment and related peripherals at its facilities in Singapore and in the U.S.

This month, Trio-Tech International announced financial results for Q2 and the first six months of fiscal 2017. Revenue rose 9.0 percent to $9.1 million for this year’s Q2 versus $8.4 million for Q2 of fiscal 2016. Q2 net income attributable to Trio-Tech International common shareholders rose 63.2 percent. EPS (Earnings Per Share) grew to $0.09 per diluted share, versus $0.05 per share in Q2 of fiscal 2017.

Revenue rose 11.0 percent to $18.1 million versus $16.3 million for the first six months of fiscal 2016. Six months’ net income attributable to Trio-Tech common shareholders rose 36.5 percent. EPS increased to $0.17 per diluted share, versus $0.13 per share, in the first six months of fiscal 2016.

Trio-Tech International’s primary business is, and historically has been, in the semiconductor industry, which consists of testing services, manufacturing, and distribution. Revenue from this industry accounted for 99.6 percent of the Company’s revenue for fiscal year 2016 versus 99.5 percent in fiscal year 2015.